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TO CREATE bold, bad-ass, thought-provoking music that challenges the status quo

TO EMPOWER motivate, and inspire you to claim space and tell your story

TO RESET preconceptions about gender in business

TO CREATE a community of change

TO FUCKING HAVE FUN while doing it 


Taking a sledgehammer to preconceptions of genre, Paytra forges her own path. From her beginnings in more traditional 808-based pop/hiphop, she's developed a new sound that blends modern elements with her R&B, alternative, funk, and soul influences from the '90s and '70s. A lyrical force to be reckoned with, Paytra champions the often unheard voices of young women. She speaks from her own experiences of moving from suburban Detroit to NYC by herself at the age 16, where she learned to navigate the gauntlet of a male-dominated music industry. Paytra sings of self-reliance, self-compassion, sexism, racism, financial independence, sexuality, and sisterhood. And yet somehow despite the massive weight of these topics, the music is fun, exciting, and joyous.


During her first few years in New York - while also putting herself through school - Paytra focused on music, recording a string of singles that culminated in mid-2022 with the release of her first album "W.T.S." which has crossed 500,000 streams. Live performance brought her to the stage at Motor City Pride, New York Pride, New York Fashion Week, and NYC venues like Pianos, Bowery Electric, and The Delancey. She also gained experience acting (Law & Order: SVU, Lower East Asides, etc.) and working with brands (Kipling, Brooklyn Cloth, Velvet Eyewear, etc).


What is evident from meeting her (or following her on social media), is that she is both confident and humble. While she works harder in a day than many people work in a week, she's still able to not take herself too seriously. She is genuine and quick to humor as well as compassion. Through her experiences, she developed a true passion for being an unfiltered voice for women, inspiring them to claim space and trust their own voices. This comes through in her lyrics, which often blend strength, vulnerability, motivation, and inspiration.


At age 25, Paytra found her opportunity to support women entrepreneurs by investing in them through venture capital. She joined the executive board at the VC syndicate company Founders Committee with the mission to pave the way for women to be successful and claim space in industries that have been historically male-dominated.


With a solid and dedicated team behind her, Paytra continues to build her company and her brand. She regularly collaborates with other artists and producers, expanding and diversifying her catalog. She has a growing presence on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms. Her company Paytra Publishing has partnerships in place with libraries and sync agencies to secure licensed placements in television, film, and advertising. 


Her music is a vessel to her mission: speaking about tough topics and the hard truths of womanhood. This fearless and self-assured popstar is bringing more than just catchy hooks to pop music: she’s bringing change. Paytra isn’t afraid to speak her truth and go against the mold. For this reason, she’s not only become known as a business mogul, but a fierce symbol of feminism, strength, and power. Her music stands for just that. Paytra is a force to be reckoned with and definitely one to watch.

In 2023, Paytra will turn it up even more, first with the five-song EP "Momma Taught Me How To Fight" followed by her full-length album "Tiny But Mighty," a tour-de-force of self-expression and a master class in hook-laden, genre-blending pop. She says, "50% I don't know WTF I'm doing, 100% I'm gonna change the world." She will do it, and you'll want to be there for the ride.

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