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Born and raised in small-town Michigan, Paytra's journey to becoming the fearless and influential artist she is today began at just 16 years old when she bought a one-way ticket to New York City to pursue her music career. Her arrival in the most competitive city in the world was met with turbulence and vicious tactics within the music industry. Hustling to make ends meet and dealing with shady professionals, Paytra quickly learned the challenges she would face as a young female artist with big dreams and a lot to say.

Undeterred, Paytra knew she had to up her game, both musically and mentally. She immersed herself in dance classes, vocal lessons, rehearsals, and performances, dedicating herself to her craft. The trials and triumphs of overcoming obstacles became the fuel behind her powerful and evocative lyrics. In her music, you can feel her fear, rage, anxiety, passion, and strength, reflecting the transformation from a once shy girl to a strong and fierce woman who refuses to take any nonsense.

Paytra's music is a blend of modern elements with R&B, alternative, funk, and soul influences from the '90s and '70s. She fearlessly champions the often unheard voices of young women and uses her own experiences to speak about self-reliance, self-compassion, sexism, racism, financial independence, sexuality, and sisterhood. Despite tackling weighty topics, her music remains fun, exciting, and joyous, delivering foundational messages of equality, change, freedom, and strength.

As an artist, Paytra exudes both confidence and humility. She works tirelessly to be an unfiltered voice for women, inspiring them to claim space and trust their own voices. Beyond music, Paytra demonstrates her commitment to empowering women by supporting women entrepreneurs through venture capital investment at Founders Committee, an executive board she joined to pave the way for women's success in historically male-dominated industries.

With a dedicated team backing her, Paytra continues to expand her company and brand. Collaborating with other artists and producers, she diversifies her catalog while growing her presence on various social media platforms. Her company, Paytra Publishing, secures licensed placements in television, film, and advertising, using her music as a vessel to speak about the tough truths of womanhood.

In 2023, Paytra turned it up even more, releasing the five-song EP "Momma Taught Me How To Fight" and the full-length album "Tiny But Mighty," which showcases her self-expression and genre-blending pop skills. Her motto of "50% I don't know WTF I'm doing, 100% I'm gonna change the world" captures her determination to make a difference and stand as a fierce symbol of feminism, strength, and power.

With influences ranging from TLC to Beyoncé and Alicia Keys to Doja Cat, Paytra is carving her own path in the music industry, unafraid to speak her truth and challenge the status quo. Her music brings about change, and she's undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Paytra's career is on an upward trajectory, and her fans eagerly anticipate joining her on the journey as she continues to make a significant impact in the world of music and beyond.



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TO CREATE bold, bad-ass, thought-provoking music that challenges the status quo

TO EMPOWER motivate, and inspire you to claim space and tell your story

TO RESET preconceptions about gender in business

TO CREATE a community of change

TO FUCKING HAVE FUN while doing it

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