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"Mama Taught Me How To Fight" 
EP release date 02/17/23
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"Mama Taught Me How To Fight"
-Track List-
Fire Fighter
Can You Handle It?
We Are Power

‘Mama Taught Me How to Fight’ opens the floodgates to the new era of PAYTRA. A once timid and not-so-sure-of-herself girl recalls the moment where she needed to decide if she was going to create a voice for herself in this loud world, or let herself fall away into her insecurity. 

The decision to trek into the uncomfortable and go after the very things that terrify her speaks to how dedicated Paytra is to her craft and commitment to self-growth. Packing a suitcase and buying a one-way train ticket to New York from suburban Michigan at age 16 is when Paytra decided she was going to make her mark on this world— one that she wouldn’t be able to do without swallowing her fear and jumping. 

‘Mama Taught Me How to Fight’ is about BECOMING. It’s about confidence. Fearlessly chasing your dreams and pushing through the nights of tears and doubt. It’s about those intricate moments that change you forever.

That same girl who lied about her age to get a job at 16. The same girl who went up against the boys club and was told “you can't keep up here, you’re just a young girl” yet constantly came out on top (don’t worry they eventually became her friends and unofficial bodyguards). The same girl who worked 17 hour days to pay for her piano and singing lessons. The one who bent the rules to make space for herself to succeed… doing the very things that the soft-spoken sweetheart she was used to fear: That’s what this project is about. Mama sure did teach her how to fight, and now the world is in for an awakening.

Paytra provides a voice for those who haven’t yet found theirs. She’s trained herself to dive right into fear because she has lived to tell the tale of what happens when you do. She rebels against “normalcy” and breaks the rules in the best way possible. ‘Mama Taught Me How to Fight’ is about being understated (because a lion never needs to roar) but also relentless and unapologetic in the pursuit of your dreams. Like her (also fiery) mama always told her growing up “You can be whoever you want to be in this world, but remember: you better wake your a$$ up and FIGHT for it.”


: Paytra always knew she had this fire, but feared it may never be ignited without the push that moving to NYC gave her. She put her big girl shoes on, knowing that there really is only one shot to make sh*t happen, and that’s exactly what she did. A scared little girl who found that rebel deep down, she learned how to navigate the turbulent New York music industry, and in such a lionhearted way.
Genres: pop, rock, R&B, hiphop

Personifying her obstacles, Paytra sings about the lions of the world who would try to tear her down, underestimate her, or simply write her off. 
WE ARE POWER stands up for all those who have been told they aren’t enough, and encourages them to find their inner lion and fight back even harder, because “Hey, two can play that game.” When the claws come out, down back down, say it loud, WE ARE POWER.
Genres: pop, rock, hiphop

The anthemic 
QUEENDOM (featuring J-Pop artist Shihori) was written for the shy little girl Paytra once was. It’s a song of victory, feminine power, about the woman she would strive to become: fiercely independent, commanding, and courageous. Because what king? I’ve been ruling this Queendom alone. Give the credit where it’s due, boo.
Genres: pop, J-pop, K-pop, hiphop

3AM is a window to look through the tough exterior Paytra has built. You can’t take the sensitive sweetheart out of a girl, but you can throw her into New York and watch her get real good at hiding it when she needs to… except when you listen to 3AM.
Genres: pop, R&B, lofi, downtempo

Anyone can do what Paytra did, but 
CAN YOU HANDLE IT? This banger is eerie, but real. “Round here, sleep with one eye open.” The truth is— there’s a lot more to her story. There’s a lot that some may never know. But the important thing is— it didn’t break this bada$$ down… also she loves her rosé, as this song will clarify.
Genres: pop, dance, EDM


750k cross-platform streams
40k cross-platform followers
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